Monday, May 12, 2008

A month ago the Satellite dish lost signal during Dora the Explorer. Tragedy. When the TV wasn't working Charlotte was very determined to fix it. After going through the standard troubleshooting guide:

Power: On, no picture.
Sound: On, no sound.

She grabbed all three remote controls, placed them in a line on the couch, which she calls "Choo-Choo train of Motes" she sat next to the train of motes and systematically pushed random buttons to fix it. While doing this she kept saying, "C'mon motes, tv,! My fix it, not daddy!"

After about 8 minutes of no results, she went up to the tv, hit it with her hand and walked away. Saying "TV broking, my play with toys in Charlottes room...Grahm c'mon!"
Charlotte's new favorite thing to say, "Sure did!" Regardless of accurate application.

Mom: "Charlotte that's a really pretty drawing."

Charlotte: "Sure did!"
The power went out today. Charlotte's response is, "Lights, you're in trouble!"