Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Insulation - Fin

Drywall is scheduled to come March 10! The basement is heated, wired, finally insulated as of tonight and ready for drywall. Next steps...flooring, paint, and finish work. Those coming to UT and needing some space to stretch their legs are more than welcome. Once you're done stretching your legs, I'm sure we'll have a paint brush, slate, hammer and nail ready for use.

Monday, March 3, 2008


New iPod - $200

New Camera - $200

Shots like these - Priceless

Soon to come we'll have Charlotte dancing which...lets just say it's creative!

First Time for Everything

I've never blogged this a kind of dance? I feel like I need to be listening to Flogging Molly or something.

Yesterday Kelly, Charlotte, Grahm, and I went to the Greens for an Everson cousin get together. Cort and Shalaine were in town with Axel, their newest addition. At this family event blogging was discussed, specifically the Green Family Blog, and this triggered my desire to start a blog.

Kelly diligently writes a journal, I'm too lazy to do that and I gotta watch SportsCenter again before I go to bed, not re-cap the days events. I thought this would be a better place to post thoughts, activities, events, and happenings in not only my family but the extended Glauser family too.