Wednesday, April 9, 2008

We're packing up the car tonight for a trip to Denver for an extended weekend. Kelly and I try to go out to visit Paul (Kelly's Dad) and his family. Included in the itinerary is good snowboarding. With the amount of snow Utah received this year we anticipate a great weekend of spring-like skiing. Colorado's ski resorts are at a much higher elevation than Utah so their snow pack ususally sticks much longer as well. Paul and Kim will come out Saturday to watch the kids and give Kelly and I a day to ride without the kids as extra baggage! We truly look forward to it!

On the home front, all our interior doors, base boards and casings were delivered this morning. Once we get back from Colorado, the plan is to hang the doors, install the base boards, casings and window sills. I'll be glad to put down the paint sprayer for a week and focus on woodworking which I enjoy much more. Saw dust is easier to clean than paint.

Grahm is comfortable walking, weighs more than Charlotte and is developing a tough boy mentality. Often too tough for Charlotte's liking. Video of Grahm walking coming shortly.

Charlotte has been putting full sentences together that keep us laughing and sometimes guessing. I'll keep posting my favorite sayings.
Charlotte dancing to a Christmas gift from Papa Pennock and Nana Kim. (Two of many of Charlotte's wonderful grandparents)

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Dad: "Charlotte, do you want to help Daddy clean up?"

Charlotte: "', daddy do it!"
Instead of "everybody" it's "Lots of Buddies"
While banging her elbows on the dinner table, "Look mom, my elbows are jumping!"

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Pics of the week.

She liked these pig-tails for about an hour...this is the only time we could convince her to do something with her hair.

Charlotte and Grahms first trip to the beach ...Charlotte called the waves scary bubbles!

Nightly ritual ...getting the sugar bugs!

She couldn't believe how real these stuffed bunnies looked.